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Feel Flows (limited ed. 500)

12"x16"    Signed and numbered


Tastes Like Chicken






Prints are unframed and shipped in mailing tubes.
Purchase prints at the Mojofish virtual store.


Four games are on the way, each in varying stages of development. They are first person shooter types for PC only

Of Sword and Soul
This game is nearest to completion.
You wander a barren land in a time of famine. You know you were a soldier, a skilled swordsman injured in battle, but for whom you fought or why remains unclear. When you stumble across the ruins of an ancient fortress, you know there is something for you to be found within; food, weapons . . . perhaps something else, something dark and sinister just beyond the edge of memory.

The Fate of the Silver Sisters
In 1951, the Argentine freighter Plata Sombra, was found adrift and slowly sinking off the coast of West Africa. There were no hands on board and all are presumed lost. Rumors of everything from drug deals and a failed coup to zombies and satanic rites persist to this day.
1971, the freighter Plata Estrella (or Silver Star), is off the coast of West Africa. You and a salvage team are searching for the wreck of the Silver Shadow. To your horror, you discover your own past and the fate of the sister ships.

Hippie Hell-Hole
Dirty, smelly hippies have taken over a college campus. Venture into their midst, wade through the carnage, and disrupt their vile plans.

It's Raining Nazis
Wander the corridors of Facist Funland. A bullet in the head of der fuhrer is your only way out, but to get to him you must get past the nazis ... so many nazis.

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Wing Time Wing Sauces

Irazu Volcanic Pepper Sauce

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