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Mojofish Creative Enterprises, Inc. was founded in October of 2008 by Douglas Weldon, an artist who has, since 1993, worked in the fields of publishing, graphic art, and multimedia design in government and private sector employment, and in freelance contract work.

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Destiny Life Solutions

Items for personal growth and development, the first of which is Destiny 1.0
Make your own DIGITAL RESUME with Destiny 1.0
Destiny Life Solutions

Hogtown Bone-Works

Learn how and where to look for fossils in the state of Florida. Purchase fossils idividually and in sets. DVD videos show you how to make gory prop corpses and body parts for Halloween
Hogtown Bone-Works

Mojofish Entertainment

Art and posters for sale
Several video games are currently in development
Mojofish Entertainment

Mojofish Publishing

The Cepheastus Option, a novel of military science fiction will soon be available for purchase through Amazon.com

Mojofish Design

Graphic arts and multimedia design services.
Mojofish Design is currently engaged in a project for the University of Florida and is unavailable for contract work.

Custom Search

Self hypnosis mp3s from hypnosis downloads.com

Destiny 1.0

An easy to use do-it-yourself multimedia presentation creation tool.

Of Sword and Soul

Computer video game for PC.

You wander a barren land in a time of famine. You know you were a soldier, a skilled swordsman injured in battle, but for whom you fought or why remains unclear. When you stumble across the ruins of an ancient fortress, you know there is something for you to be found within; food, weapons . . . perhaps something else, something dark and sinister just beyond the edge of memory.

The Cepheastus Option

A novel of military science fiction that follows the exploits of three mercenaries on a distant world embroiled in war with an alien race. Victory and an end to the fighting fast approaches, but so does an enemy fleet of vast numbers. Separated, each of them face unexpected and bloody challenges that will change their lives and decide the fate of that world.

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